Fulbright mtvU

In my last post I mentioned a new program that I was applying to in order to fund my Ireland studies. Well, Wired Blogs has let the cat out of the bag, it is the Fulbright-mtvU program. The story is a bit late for new application – it requires letters of reference, project proposal and a fairly long online application. Also, one of the submissions, either the online app or accompanying documention, need to be received in IIE in NY by March 26 – this Monday. Fortunately I did not have to start from scratch as I had submitted for the 2007-2008 cycle, so I simply needed to update the online form, create an outreach plan and get my letter of affiliation from UCC. It was relatively easy, all I had to do in the outreach plan was to describe how I would make my research accessible to the world via blogging, vlogging and podcasts. Piece of cake! Hopefully they will reply quickly.

A colleague also pointed me to another possible funding source, so while Aotearoa still seems a more likely desination for my studies, Ireland is not totally out of the picture yet. Fingers crossed!

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