Deerfield “Massacre”

My siblings and I have been told about our family connection to the town of Deerfield, Massachussetts many times. I started doing genealogical research on the family and with the help of distant relatives have been able to trace the family tree back to Deerfield and even further to England in the 1500s. There is a great site, Historic Deerfield, with a lot of information on the town’s history and a discussion board. One of the people on that board recommended this book, Captors and Captives: The 1704 French and Indian Raid on Deerfield, and I just picked up a copy. The Frary family is prominent in the history of the town, and my great-grandmother’s maiden name was Frary. We were told that we have Native American ancestry through the Frary line, but have never been able to confirm it or identify which tribe it may have been from. Hopefully this book will lend some insights.

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