N? Mele No N? Pua

Kenneth Makuak?ne and I have been collaborating on a mele for a new Hawaiian music heritage program, “N? Mele No N? Pua” (which figuratively is defined as “Music for the Generations”). It will feature two, expansive permanent exhibits highlighting Hawai‘i’s rich musical history, an ongoing monthly Hawaiian music concert series, special educational and cultural events, and interpretive displays – all free and open to the public. There is already a plaque with the song up, but it will undergo change as we’ve updated both the lyrics and the music of the song recently.

I was surprised to find information on the program, including our involvement in writing the mele, in the online edition of Business Traveler magazine, which is published, it seems, in Germany.

People sometimes email and ask how I find these kinds of stories, and if I simply spend all day cruising the net. Unfortunately, no. My secret? Google Alerts. If you don’t use it, check it out.

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