N? H?k? Pio ‘Ole Online

At the request of the HARA Board of Governors, I’ve posted the audio file for “N? H?k? Pio ‘Ole” on the HARA welcome page. The original plan was to have it played going into and coming back from commercial breaks at the N? H?k? Hanohano Awards this year, but it looks like it may not be used in that way because of how tight the schedule is.

Please keep in mind that this was originally intended to be a demo, and re-recorded if it won, however, there was not enough time to do so. My deepest mahalo nui to the incredibly talented Kainani Kahaunaele for recording the vocals. She was amazing, and came up with the harmony part in the second verse and chorus on the spot. Hopefully she (or someone) will record and include it in a future release.

You can still buy tickets for the awards, check the HARA site for the order form or phone number to call your ticket order in.

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