TwitterGrams – The New “Push”?

I’ve been following Dave Winer‘s experiments in TwitterGrams with some interest for the past week. He put a web interface on the service which allows people to post small (under 200k) MP3 files, and have them delivered as “Tweets”. Just for fun I made a short sample from Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole’s What A Wonderful World and posted it. It immediately showed up in my podcast area in iTunes, and a tweet showed up in Twitterific.

It occurred to me what a great tool this could potentially be for music promotion. It’s the new “push”. Fans of a musician become their Twitter friends, and can receive bulletins and audio previews like this as they are ready. Instantly. No more going to the artist website or MySpace page for updates. Check my Twitter page for a link to the song.

As soon as someone comes up with a client that can record audio directly into it and post the TwitterGram it’s game over.

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