Wireless In Eire

I am reluctantly educating myself about mobile phones, the various network types, what works and where, and all of those niggling issues that I’ve been avoiding. I actually had a Verizon plan for a while – our son was graduating from boot camp in Oklahoma in 2002, so we decided to get one to coordinate a rendezvous with my sister who was driving down from Minnesota, and made a two year commitment. It was one of the most miserable two years of my life.

As our daughter is preparing to spend a week at Cornell University (N.W. New York state) as part of their CURIE Institute, we want to get her a mobile phone that we can be used there and take with her to Ireland. This post confirms Bernie‘s observation that everyone over the age of 12 (and likely many under it) have them. It looks like the way to go is GSM, which is handled by Cingular/ATT and T-Mobile here. I’m pricing phones on e-Bay, and they’re pretty reasonable. I’ll get us all phones here and find a family plan to sign up for once we get to Cork. Otherwise it is pay as you go all the way.

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