Cell On The Way

So after a few days of researching our cell phone options, I ordered an unlocked Motorola V551 for our daughter to take with her to Cornell and hopefully use in Ireland as well. It’s GSM, and from what I can see AT&T/Cingular has much better coverage in the area of Syracuse than T-Mobile, as it does here in Hawai‘i, so we’ll get a pay-as-you-go plan for her until we leave.

The V551 came out more than two years ago and probably doesn’t make as much of a fashion statement as some of the razor style phones, but its feature list is pretty impressive: it’s quad band, has Bluetooth, web and email clients, IM and is also compatible with iSync on Mac, so she can manager her address books on her computer. Not bad for $50 (new) plus shipping from eBay.

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