Superferry Decision Just Plain Wrong

I’ve kept my opinions about the Superferry issue to myself for a long time, but shutting it down for an EIS makes no sense whatsoever. We’ve needed a service like this for years. We have coqui frogs, stinging caterpillars, fountain grass, mites that threaten the bee-keeping industry and a litany of other plagues that got here without the help of the Superferry. And more will continue to arrive without their help.

I hope the governor and legislature do act quickly to get the Superferry running again. The state has needed it for a long time, and if we lose it we may never see such a service again in our lifetimes. As the state is complicit in this (the Dept. of Transportation ruled no environmental assessment was necessary) they would be correct in enacting special legislation to allow the Superferry run while the assessment is done.

As often happens, a vocal and militant minority wins out over common sense and the greater support for the Superferry within the state. Joe Cardoza, you got it wrong, big time.

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Kenneth says:

The government was behind this initiative for some time now. I believe a temporary performance contract should be given to the Super Ferry on a year to year basis for three years in order to determine the outcome. Everyone is throwing out scenarios with no substantiations.

We are looking at the vocal minority speaking out over the silent majority. Why is everyone complaining about this company, but allowing Young Brothers, Matson, Sealand, Norwegian Cruise Lines and others to operate without a fuss. I don’t understand their reasoning. NCL runs two ships around the islands and I don’t see surfers stopping them.

What’s wrong with this picture?

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