SquirrelMail/Open Directory Intergration on Leopard

I’ve had a few comments on my earlier post with the request that I finish documenting the steps to get the SquirrelMail address book to show LDAP users from OpenDirectory in Leopard server. Here it is:

First, I uncommented the LDAP section as provided in the SquirrelMail configuration at /etc/squirrelmail/config/config.php, but it was missing one parameter, for the protocol. Actually you don’t need to have that with 10.4 if you use the “V2 compatible” option in OpenDirectory. On 10.5 you no longer have that option and need to specify LDAP V3 in the SquirrelMail config file:

$ldap_server[0] = Array(
'host' => 'your.ldapserver.com',
'name' => 'My Server's Address Book',
'base' => 'dc=your,dc=ldapserver,dc=com',
'protocol' => 3


I also set the value $default_use_javascript_addr_book (which appears right below the ldap server section to “true”.

To access the address book, you cannot just click on the “Addresses” link at the top of the page. You have to click “Compose” first. Then click on the “Addresses” button above the message text field. You can chose to show your private address book, the LDAP directory on your server (it will show as the text you put in the ‘name’ field in the configuration above) or all of them. Click list all and you get everyone, or search for names.

Hope this helps.

4 comments on “SquirrelMail/Open Directory Intergration on Leopard

Harry says:


Al Castle says:

I’ve got mine setup and binding, but no matter what I search for it returns no results. Did you have to do anything else to get this working?

Al Castle says:

Nevermind. After looking at the abook_ldap_server.php code I realized it will only show results if an email address is present. Which makes sense in retrospect.

keola says:

Though I have runs a few OS X servers, this is the first one that I have set up as a mail server. I found out too, but did not mention, that you had to explicitly add user email addresses. I assumed that the user ID was assigned as the email address in LDAP, though this does not seem to the be case. You need to go to the Mail tab in the Info” in WorkGroup manager, and manually add the email address there.

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