Hele On to Otago….

The last major question mark for our travel to Aotearoa was answered yesterday when our passports were returned with the proper visas – I as a student and my wife and daughter as visitors. My daughter is enrolled in Logan Park High School which is only a short walk from the flat we have arranged near the university, which is equally close. Our tickets are purchased, and the adventure begins in Honolulu on January 6. We arrive in Auckland on the evening of January 7, and after a brief overnight stay we will fly straight to Dunedin. We’ll have three full weeks to get settled in before M?lia’s school starts, and nearly 6 weeks before I begin studies at the University of Otago.

While we have many acquaintances in the North, we have none in Dunedin other than the music department faculty I met while in Sheffield a few years ago and our email correspondences with staff at Logan Park. I’m certain M?lia will have no problems making friends at Logan Park, and my wife and I at the university and our neighborhood.

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