Static Routes On OS X Server

I spent three days at the UH-M?noa campus setting up a new fallback server for Ulukau – a brand new Intel XServe running OS X 10.4 which is identical to the current server. One problem we encountered back when we set up the current Ulukau server back in August was configuring static routes which are required to tie into the Veritas backup system used at the campus’ data center. Mahalo to our friends at Apple for pointing to this post which discusses how to set up static routes on OS X server. The instructions we followed were in a post by T.E. posted on Oct 30, 2007 at 11:04 A.M. It seems to work flawlessly, and the static routes are recreated automatically with each restart.

There have been few additions to Ulukau since we set up the new server in August, and we had completely copied the contents of Ulukau to a second RAID. With the addition of this new server and finalizing the backup process we will soon have two identical Ulukau servers in addition to automated backup. The servers will not share the load as either of them is more than sufficient for the current load on the system. The new server will be a fallback server – jumping into service if there are any issues with the main server.

Mahalo to Jim Uyeda at Apple Computer for his support of our work, and for the staff of the Information and Technology Services for their assistance and hosting the servers at their facility.

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