More Immigration Lunacy In Eire

I would not wish upon my worst enemy the experience that my wife, daughter and I had in Ireland. While James Britton’s situation is a bit different than ours, it is no less pathetic. The GNIB wants to deport his 4-year old son! I wish it was possible to sue the country and force them to abandon their “Land of a Thousand Welcomes” motto – it was anything but for us and certainly is not for James. I wish I could offer him some advice, however, as we received no joy by involving the press and politicians (as well meaning as they were), I will offer nothing but my best wishes and prayers.

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I don’t see the problem here……

…so , someone wanted to send their kid to a school run by the same people who abused children for 50 years of the Irish Free State….
……call it poetic justice…..

kate says:

how is that poetic justice?

someone is spending tens of thousands of dollars a year to live in Ireland and gain an education not available elsewhere, is receiving no support from the government, and when she enrolled her son in school, the four-year-old was threatened with deportation. I fail to see anything poetic or just in that.


Get a clue then feck off

unwanted commentator says:

Do the colleges that accept students with children know the rules?

This is an unfair situation created by the college administrators who do not correctly advise students of the regulation.

Are the supporters willing to accept the consequences of changing the rules….?

There are 10´s of thousands foreign nationals in full time education in Ireland….will they all have the right to education an already strugling public system?

Personally, I have no interest either way, merely an observer and fan of media usage.

keola says:

@unwanted commentator – Apparently the enforcers of the law don’t even know the law. Shortly before our family returned to Hawai‘i I called the GNIB headquarters and spoke to a female officer (yes, an officer, not a secretary). I asked her to list the requirements for a student from a non-visa country (like the US) bringing dependents to Ireland. She told me EXACTLY what the folks at UC-Cork did. I called the very same number back the next day and asked the same question of a different officer, a man. He told me that under no circumstances could any foreign student bring dependents into the country.

At the very least immigration should allow his child to remain and finish his studies.

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