Curbing The Clutter

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I thought we did a really good job of cleaning house and getting rid of a lot of things that we’d likely never use again before taking off for Aotearoa in January. We sold a lot of things in a garage sale, some went to the Salvation Army, and anything left over was taken to the dump.

Our perspective on clutter changed a bit after our experience in New Zealand. We only brought those things that we felt we needed to survive, and likewise we bought few things that would need to be sold or given away before we left. Our house remained relatively clutter-free for those six months.

It didn’t take us very long after we returned to East Hawai‘i that we realized how much clutter was still left around the house. M?lia had stored two boxes of clothes and miscellaneous items that she was going to unpack when we returned. She sorted through them and we ended up giving away the good stuff to the Salvation Army and throwing away almost everything else. Marie and I have also been going through the house and getting rid of a lot of things, and hopefully we’ll be able to maintain a clutter-free existence for a while. There are still a few boxes to go through to get there, though.

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