12 Wasted Hours

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Today was a state holiday in Hawai‘i, but I was in the office trying to upgrade Leok?, our FirstClass server, along with our other techie. Everything seemed to go fine, took four hours or so to back up the post office (where all user and conference data is stored) and migrate it to a new Mac Pro. There we discovered that the administrator account was borked. After a few hours on the phone with a consultant we use on the mainland, we decided to go back to our backup of the system and try again next week after we figure out what is wrong with and fix the administrator account.

So when was the last time you wasted 12 hours working on a perfectly good holiday?

One comment on “12 Wasted Hours

Ooh – 12 hours is a long time to achieve nothing. Apart from time spent trying to fix computers, the nearest equivalent I can think of is waiting at airports, but at least then I could read a book or something.

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