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This past Saturday I met for the first time in person with a group that calls itself the Big Island Internet Society. I came across a few of the folks on Twitter, and you can follow some of the planning and conversations using Twitter hash tags #bialoha. Many of their blogs can be found linked at Damon Tucker”s excellent FBI (From Big Island) blogs website.

I found this interesting as I first got involved with Twitter after learning about it from some of my Ireland friends. I later found some O‘ahu-based friends using it, and only recently came across this vibrant E. Hawai‘i community of bloggers and Twitterati. For for me the move was from an international perspective to a Hawai‘i one, and now becoming more aware of what is going on in the online world locally. This tied in well with the group”s theme of bringing together Hawai‘i island individuals and finding a way to leverage these new technologies to benefit the local community and economy. I think that”s something I can get on-board with.

2 comments on “Getting Online Locally

Damon says:

Welcome to the FBI Blogs.

Always great to have someone with a great base of knowledge being able to contribute to the site.

Look forward to learning more from you.

P.S. Thanks for the blog posting as well… kind of blown away when people put attention on me… but I guess it comes with the game at times.

Devany says:

Hey Keola. It was nice getting to meet you last Saturday! Glad you joined our group! Did you know that Jim (of Big Island Pizza) makes wonderful sausages and you can special order bangers from him?

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