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For the ʻōlelo-impared: This is a journal of my travels in Ireland, documented in Hawaiian. The journey begins June 17, 2002.

Shaq the best ever? I dunno.

Shaq the best ever? I dunno. I agree with Willis Reed. The great centers all were the best of their day, and any comparisons would be ludicrous. Mikan, Russell, Chamberlain, Abdul-Jabbar, and now Shaq. Only during the Russell/Chamberlain days were there two truly great centers competing against each other; Wilt was past his prime physically when Kareem arrived. If I could watch any matchup of these titans, it would be Wilt vs. Shaq in their respective primes. It would be like watching Joe Louis vs. Muhammad Ali.

Time to break out the broom, gang.

Time to break out the broom, gang. The Nets took their best shot, and still came up short against the Lakers. I’ll be passing through New Jersey in 8 days on my way to Ireland. If the outcome wasn’t so clear from the outset, it would probably be a pretty sad place. But, hey, it’s New Jersey. Nobody expected them to get this far, anyway.

Colonel suspended for bad-mouthing Bush .

Colonel suspended for bad-mouthing Bush. Ah, the military. When they want your opinion they’ll give it to you. This colonel works/worked at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey. I just visited CSU-Monterey Bay for a language conference and met a number of people who worked at DLI. I wonder if we met; the name doesn’t sound familiar.

My worse nightmare failed to materialize as the

My worse nightmare failed to materialize as the Lakers knocked off the Kings in Game 7 of the western conference finals. I’ll be the first to admit that the Lakers played terribly and the Kings spectacularly. Whenever the Lakers got a bit of a lead, the Kings came back and played like it was the last play of the game.

Thank goodness the Lakers won tonight.

Thank goodness the Lakers won tonight. Yes, I am a Lakers fan, but in addition, I could think of nothing more boring that a New Jersey/Sacramento matchup for the NBA title. It would probably get the lowest ratings of any NBA Finals matchup in history. Not that the Lakers are out of the woods, by any stretch of the imagination. But at least the prospect of a Nets/Queens matchup is put off for a few more days. Kidd and Webber are great players, but I would find it difficult to get two excited at the prospect of either of those…

[ Via Scripting News ] Blockbuster Takes On NetFlix .

[ Via Scripting News ] Blockbuster Takes On NetFlix. Keola’s Take On NetFlix… I gave up on them after only two months (one free and one paid). It wasn’t their fault, but it just took too darn long for some DVDs to get here. Some got here in three days, others took close to two weeks (we’re in Hawai’i). Two weeks after I cancelled our account, I got an email from NetFlix that they had not received the two DVDs that I had mailed prior to cancelling, and that I would have to pay for them ($19.95) if they didn’t…

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